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A glue that solves all your problems.

✅ Up to 80% success rate with allergy customers
✅ Humidity no longer plays a role
✅ Temperature no longer plays a role
✅ Seasons no longer play a role
✅ Cures completely within 1-2 seconds

Sounds like a miracle? It is!

Item Name

UV Lash Glue

Drying Time

1 sec


8 Week

Best Temperature


Best Humidity



Black and Clear


Low fume, Oil-proof, Waterproof


Senior grafting technician


Free Design



Custom Styles




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By Sea, Air or Express

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T/T,Paypal,Western Union,Alibaba

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7working days

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Optimized UV Curing Technology: Enhancing Lash Extension Efficiency

Swift UV Activation: UV lash adhesive swiftly hardens under ultraviolet light exposure, empowering lash technicians to streamline their workflow and drastically reduce application time.

Instant Adhesion Power: The rapid UV curing technology ensures lash extensions lock in place instantly, eliminating movement or shifting during the meticulous placement process.

Precise Application Precision: With UV glue's swift curing, lash extensions adhere accurately to the natural lashes, ensuring unparalleled positioning precision.

Longevity-Boosting Bond: The UV-activated adhesive forms a robust, long-lasting connection between extensions and natural lashes, surpassing traditional glues in durability and extending the lifespan of lash enhancements.

Flexible & Comfortable Fit: Formulated for adaptability, UV lash glue moves in harmony with natural lashes, minimizing irritation and ensuring a seamless, comfortable experience for clients.

Invisible Seamlessness: Drying to a clear, subtly glossy finish, UV lash adhesive blends seamlessly with natural lashes, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating an undetectable look.

Fume-Free Application: Minimizing the release of fumes, UV lash glue contributes to a more breathable, comfortable working environment for both the artist and client.

Odorless Adhesive Experience: Typically lacking noticeable odor, UV lash glue fosters a pleasant atmosphere during the application process, enhancing the overall client experience.

Reduced Sensitivity Concerns: Compared to other adhesive formulas, UV lash glue may elicit fewer allergic reactions or sensitivities, making it a gentle choice for clients with delicate skin.

Productivity-Boosting Efficiency: By accelerating the curing process, UV lash glue enables lash artists to tackle more appointments in a day, significantly enhancing their productivity and output.

Robust Connection: UV lash glue establishes a sturdy bond, safeguarding against premature shedding or deformation of lash extensions, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Minimized Risk of Lash Injury: The swift curing action of UV glue decreases the chance of lashes clumping during application, gently protecting natural lashes from harm. With its potent bonding strength, less adhesive is needed, yet caution is advised during infill maintenance to avoid damaging outgrown lashes. Specifically, I recommend avoiding the "banana peel" removal method, as it may compromise lash integrity.

Enhanced Artistic Control: Empowered by the immediate curing response to UV light, lash artists enjoy superior control over the adhesion process, facilitating meticulous and precise lash enhancement work

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