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You need a pair that is specifically designed for eyelash extension application, with the following attributes:

Ω Precision tips: Finely tapered, precision tips allow you to grasp even the smallest lashes gently and securely. Blunt or uneven tips can bend natural lashes or won't grip extension lashes well. 

Ω Perfectly aligned: The tweezer tips should close completely, meeting evenly with no overlap. Misaligned or uneven tips make it difficult to pick up lashes straight on, often causing the lash to slip out of the grasp.  

Ω Strong, durable material: Tweezers made of high-grade stainless steel provide ideal strength and durability. Softer metals will bend out of shape over time and with repeated use. Stainless steel tweezers will provide consistent performance for years.

Ω Comfortable design: An ergonomic, slip-resistant design provides maximum comfort during long application sessions. A secure, comfortable grip gives you greater control and precision. 

With the right high-quality, lash extension specific tweezers in your toolkit, you'll be able to achieve beautiful, flawless results and happy clients each and every time. Don't rely on a generic pair of tweezers; choose a instrument crafted specifically for professional lash artists. Your lashes—and your clients—will thank you!

Lashestar can not only provide you with professional-grade high-quality tweezers, but also customize your own shiny tweezers according to your brand and needs

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Master Pro Tweezers




eyelash extensions


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