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Introducing our latest innovation - Brown Lash Extension Glue by Lashestar!

Crafted with care and precision, this exceptional lash glue is designed for those with sensitive skin, ensuring a non-irritating and gentle experience. What sets it apart?

1. Sensitive Skin Care:

Formulated for sensitive skin, this glue is non-irritating, offering a comfortable lash extension experience for all.

2. Durable and Firm Hold:

Our glue provides a robust and lasting hold, ensuring your lash extensions stay in place with confidence.

3. 8 Week Retention:

Enjoy long-lasting beauty! This glue boasts an impressive 8-week retention period, keeping your lashes looking flawless.

4. Rapid Dry in 1 Second:

Time is precious, and our glue understands that. It dries in just 1 second, saving you time during your lash application.

5. Low Fume Formula:

We prioritize your safety and comfort. Experience a low-fume formula that keeps your lash application process pleasant.

Elevate your lash extension game with Lashestar's Brown Lash Extension Glue — where quality meets beauty seamlessly. Order yours now for a lash experience like no other!

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